2900 Overton, Dallas 75126

Bonnie View Land For Sale
Bonnie View Rd & Overton Rd – Dallas, Texas 75216

Location: SWC of Bonnie View Rd & Overton Rd
2900 Overton, 3619 & 3623 Bonnie View
Dallas, Texas 75126
Available: +/-2.34 Acres
Price: $325,000
Description: 3 adjacent lots, (corner lot and 2 additional
lots) right on the corner of Bonnie View Rd & Overton Rd.
Located just south of the highly traffficked Illinios Ave.
Signalized hard corner with high traffic and high visibility.

Abbas Fakhri

Manager Nelson Arroyo 214-707-5301 nelsonarroyo@judgefite.com

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