Riaz Andani

randani pictureMr. Riaz Andani grew up in New York and moved in from Chicago, Illinois. He has developed Business, Communications and Negotiations skills at the age of 10 years. Mr. Andani family generations were all related in Business, Attorneys, Entrepreneurship, Constructions and self made start up firms.

With his upbringings his passion with Real Estate grows by the day. He brings expertise with many different levels of services. Mr. Andani has owned/operated small business to large retail chains.  Mr. Andani studied Business Management, Law and Marketing during his college years.

He’s easily accepted with many cultures and easily wins people hearts.  Mr. Andani specializes in applying his expertise and market knowledge to commercial strip centers, investors, leasing, retail and multifamily properties that consistently exceed the investment goals of his clients.

Mr. Andani is a family man with devotion to the Creator, his beautiful wife and 5 children. Mr. Andani believes “If I am walking on land which has dirt underneath, I will do my duties to assure you’re able to benefit from this investment”.

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