What some of our valued clients are saying about us…

 “Larry is a distinguished member of the 2010 CENTURY 21 Commercial Advisory Board and has in fact served in this capacity for the last 8 years.  Larry was selected to the Board due to his prove expertise and success in the Commercial market in Texas and nationally, across the US.  He combines extensive knowledge of the Commercial marketplace with a strong work ethic and a proven track record of successful transactions.”
– Anasua Sanyal, Director, Commercial Segment Marketing, Century 21 Real Estate LLC Corporate  Headquarters

“Today’s real estate business environment calls on mentors and leaders capable of working in concert with others, able to collaborate in creative endeavors, innovate and inspire and contribute without dominating any undertaking.  Larry exudes the highest standards as a commercial real estate broker and is highly respected in the industry as a leader.”
-Kirk M. Hermansen, President, Hermansen Sand Development Inc.

“I have known Larry Harbour since December, 1979 when he hired me as an Assistant Property Manager at MockingbirdTowers.  Larry is, without equivocation, the most professional real estate personality I have ever known.  To say that Larry is dedicated to his clients would not begin to describe his personal commitment to them and to the achievement of their goals. Larry is a teacher and a leader. He is always mentoring to those entering the Dallas real estate market. Larry is well known and respected by all.”
-Eric Miller, Eric Miller Homes Inc.

“I have worked on and off with Larry Harbour for over 20 years.  All my experiences have been professionally handled and equally rewarding in the manner true co-brokerage agreements should be.  I rely strongly on a person’s word and ethics and in this business, have been disappointed many times.  But over time, you come to know who you can rely on to do their part and what they say they will do; such is the case with Larry.”
-Don Frey, The Frey Young Group, LLC

“I call on Larry often to gain his insight and knowledge in our current commercial real estate market. He has always shared his knowledge freely without question of what is in it for him. I have admired Larry for his support and training he gives to agents working under him.  I have worked several deals with Larry and he has always worked hard in making the deal and treating all parties to the transaction whit honor and respect.  The signing of a deal is not the end to Larry’s service to his client or other parties involved; it is only the beginning of a relationship.”
-Phil Darland, Vice President Real Estate Development, Bell 380 Partners LP

“I have been in the real estate development and construction business for over 40 years. I am based in Dallas, but I have been involved with commercial projects from Santa Ana, California to Atlanta, Georgia.  During that time, out of necessity or preference, I have worked with some of the finest commercial real estate professionals in the country. I value integrity first, knowledge second, experience third, and last, but certainly not least is “developer’s insight.” That means if the commercial broker can see things through my eyes, evaluate and analyze the real world potential – the way I do – or close to the way I do, then I have a partner for life.  Larry Harbour is such an individual. He possesses all the traits mentioned. He has on many occasions represented me and / or my company, in commercial deals involving raw land development and multi-tenant retail development. With commercial development, and operations of income property, becoming more complex and challenging every day, I have found it to be expeditious to work with the best; and Larry Harbour is, in my opinion, one the best commercial real estate brokers in north Texas.”
-Mike Thompson, CEO, Twin Rivers Residential LLC

“Larry has served as our primary Landlord’s leasing representative on several shopping centers and has been instrumental in leasing some challenging spaces for us.  He has also acted as a tenant representative on some leases we have made over the years, and brought us numerous purchase opportunities.  In every case, Larry has always demonstrated a tremendous level of knowledge, top notch work ethic, and the highest possible level of professionalism in his work.  He is fair in his dealings and easy to work with, even when tensions get high and deals get difficult.”
-Larry Vineyard, Director, Madison Partners LLC

Larry Harbour has handled all of my real estate (sales and leases) for me over the past 4 years.  When I first met Larry, I was doing my own research/site selection and once he showed me how he works, I turned that part of my business over to him to handle and he has been doing all of my real estate work since that time. If someone calls me about a site for me to look at, I send them to Larry. I can’t imagine doing a sale or lease without Larry being involved in all aspects of my business.”
-Hassan Golnabi, President, H&G Enterprises Inc.
“Mr. Salem was recommended by a friend of mine.  Mr. Salem contacted the property landlord, arranged for us to see the property, when we informed him that we like it, he negotiated an excellent lease for us.  Mr. Salem stayed in touch with us during the process of doing the finish out and buying the inventory and equipment.  I would recommend Mr. Salem to all my friends, family and business associates.  When I need another property or business, I will contact Mr. Salem.”
– Mohammad Hantouli, USA Food & Grill